About You

You're a singer. You might not believe it yet, but somehow deep down in your soul you know you were born to sing. You've been drawn to sing all your life, maybe in spite of other people telling you not to. You love karaoke and open mic nights, you sing in the shower or the bath. You often find yourself singing along to whatever is on the radio, even if it's not the sort of music you normally go for!

Maybe you're a little bit shy, not sure if you're 'good enough' to sing, or you only feel confident enough after a few drinks. Maybe you sing regularly to small crowds in comfortable surroundings, but you'd love to up your game and find out how good you really can be. You yearn for something more as a singer, but you just don't know where to start. Maybe you've checked out some tips on YouTube, but you're confused and feel like you need someone to lay out a step by step process to help you understand what you're supposed to do.

About Me

I'm a vocal coach who has been singing in bands and solo for over twenty years. I have a huge amount of experience of performing both live and in the recording studio, and I have spent my life honing my understanding of the practice of singing. I teach singers with a variety of different backgrounds and interests, specialising in laying the foundations of great technique and stagecraft that allow you to develop your own style. I help you work on your confidence, vocal stamina, range and flexibility, delivering a voice that is powerful yet effortless, full of emotion and unmistakeably yours.

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